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It really takes a community like Columbia to nurture businesses like D&H Drugstore. We not only appreciate the patronage of our terrific customers, but also the environment that exists in central Missouri allowing us to assemble our exceptional staff. Thank you for the first 58 years. We’re all looking forward to the next 58 years and beyond!

Blaine Alberty,
Pharmacist and Proprietor


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Free Kids Vitamin Program

Free monthly kids vitamins for ages 4-12 at both D&H Drugstore locations!


Sync My Meds

Coordinate your medications to be ready the same day each month!


Meet Our Pharmacists and Staff

Ensure your current drug therapy is both safe and effective with a one-on-one review of all your medications.

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The D&H family includes professional, experienced pharmacists and knowledgeable associates – all ready to serve your needs with a smile. With locations on West Broadway and Paris Road, we’ve been serving Mid-Missouri since 1956.

In addition to our pharmacy services, we offer home medical equipment, rental equipment, nursing services and a wide selection of daily essentials, including household items, vitamins and dietary supplements.


September Special

  • • 10% off Vitabath
  • • 10% off Rx SKIN THERAPY
  • • 10% off Hair Care
  • • 15% off Orthopaedic Support Items