July = Independence

July = Independence

It’s no secret that the 4th of July makes us think about independence. Along that same line, July is also Independent Retailer Month. http://indieretailermonth.com/

How many of you shop local? Supporting local business does a lot for the community. Missouri Business Development has produced a list of good reasons to keep your money where your home is. http://missouribusiness.net/article/7-reasons-to-shop-local/

Did you know?

  1. Shopping local means stimulating the local economy. More local taxes means more improvements in schools, roads, police and fire departments.
  2. Shopping local creates jobs. More local businesses mean more local residents employed closer to home and less commuting.
  3. Shopping local provides more choices for consumers. More choices = better deals and more options. A lot of times local stores will stock unique and special items by request.
  4. Shopping local gives better customer service. You are more likely to get resolution to any issues you might have with a local independent retailer as opposed to a big box store. The owners and/ or key decision makers are usually accessible and willing to help.
  5. Shopping local is green. Local businesses are usually located centrally and not too far from one another. You can walk, bike, ride the bus, or use less gas getting from one local business to another as opposed to larger chains that are typically on opposite sides of town.
  6. Shopping local supports not-for-profits. Many local businesses donate more proportionately to non-profit businesses. These are the organizations that support friends, family, neighbors and possibly even you.
  7. Shopping local supports your own financial well being. By investing your money locally that money will more likely find a way back to benefit you.

There have been a number of different studies done about how much to spend, but this is the best example I have found. Although it is a study out of Michigan, it proves a very valid point. It doesn’t take much to make a difference. Out of $100 in spending, when spent locally, $68 stays in the community and $32 leaves. When spent at the larger chains, only $43 stays in the community and $57 leaves.


So, keep it local Columbia and Central Missouri! Supporting local independents helps you maintain your own independence and it just feels good. When caring for your health, don’t you want to know your pharmacists, nurses, technicians and staff?

We are your neighbors, friends, and family and we’re here to help.


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Source Image: http://www.localfirst.com/why-local-first