Monday’s Motivation – Summer Water Fun

Monday’s Motivation – Summer Water Fun

How do you get motivated on a rainy Monday? Thinking about Summer Water Fun of course.

Most swimming pools and public lakes here in Missouri officially open Memorial Day Weekend, so it's time to think about how to prep for a day the by the water. Don't forget - The sun's rays are hottest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so try to plan your visits accordingly. It's also when the pool or lake are the least crowded which makes it way more fun!

Here's a great list of items to have on hand to prepare for your day in the sun:

A Pool/Lake Bag - preferably water proof or quick drying. A darker color is good - one that doesn't stain easily or show dirt. You want to make it last all season long and still look great. D&H has some cute options, depending on your size needs.

A Small Insulated Bag or Cooler and Ice Packs - You will want to keep things cold if you are allowed to bring outside snacks and drinks. Make sure you know the rules before you go about outside food and drink. You can opt for a larger one similar in size to your bag or one that fits inside your Pool/Lake Bag.

A Small Bag/Change Purse - For your phone and your money in case you need to purchase anything on your outing. Water resistant is a good options for this as well. Nufoot has a neoprene bag that we like that doubles as a small purse.

Drinks - Think water (in your own reusable bottle), juice pouches or boxes, and hydrating drinks. Opting for lower sugar choices is always a good idea.

Snacks - Go for snacks that don't melt. You can go healthy and pack sliced veggies and fruits in your insulated bag. Pretzels, savory cracker mixes, some potato & snack chips (rice or popcorn minus the powdered cheese if you want less mess), meat jerkies, trail mixes without the chocolate, granola & protein bars are great options that don't require refrigeration. There are lower salt options and gluten-free snacks out there. It's great to always compare labels when picking out your savories, because not all are created equally. If snacks are not prepackaged, divvy up into reusable containers or bags or sandwich bags if you prefer. Packing sandwiches or tortilla wraps for a long day works great too!

Towels - Large beach towel options work great. One for each person getting wet, plus smaller ones for those with long hair. If you can find hair drying towels, it is a great option to get all the excess water out of the hair before getting into the car to drive home.

Sunscreen - 30+ SPF, broad spectrum, water resistant (40 or 80 minutes). Don't forget to reapply. Find either a chemical or physical sunscreen that works for everyone if possible to avoid carrying multiple bottles. See our previous blog on Sunscreen Education here. D&H has great options for you.

Hats - Wide brimmed options are best to protect the face and ears from the sun's rays. Hats also protect your head from the sun, because you can get a sunburn on your scalp even through your hair. Sun damages your not only your skin, but also your hair. So cover up that head when you are not playing in the pool! Some even suggest to protect your hair with sunscreen. alpha mom blog "Sunscreen for Scalps" has suggestions for scalp protection too.

Cover Ups/Large T-shirts - Cover ups or large shirts are great for wearing to and from the pool. Ideally they stay dry and go on after drying off, last thing before you head off to the car to avoid wet car seats. But you know, sometimes that just doesn't happen.

Slip-on Water Resistant/Water Proof Skid Proof Shoes - Shoes that slip on and off that are skid resistant are best. Puddles around the pool or lake on concrete can lead to slips and falls. Find a comfortable, supportive option that goes with everything and wear them on every outing to the water.

Sunglasses - 100% UVA and UVB protection in the lenses is necessary as eyes can be damaged, much like skin, by UV light. When it comes to sunglasses, pick larger option that covers the sensitive skin around the eyes. They may not be the cutest, but they will offer the best protection from the sun. Look for UV400 is the label to look for. There are also sunglass options that fit over regular glasses or clip on if you don't want to buy a separate pair of prescription sunglasses. Opti-Ka-Zoo are one option at D&H.

Goggles/Swim Masks - Kids love to swim under water and goggles/masks are a necessity. We found this great blog article on alpha mom "Six pairs of Kids' Swim Goggles We Swear Won't Leak". Many of these have adult versions as well, so click over and check them out.

Ear Plugs/Bands - Ear plugs and bands to prevent swimmer's ear are a good idea especially if you plan to swim a lot in the summer. This type of ear pain will keep you out of the water for awhile, so why not prevent it? Putty Buddies and Ear-Band It are available at D&H as well as some other silicone ear plug options.

Water Toys - Check to see what options you have for bringing toys or inflatables to your pool or lake. Some only allow small items to prevent overcrowding, so make sure to stick by the rules. Diving toys, small lightweight soaker splash balls, noodles, and squirters are all fun! Don't spend a lot, because they are easily lost.

And when you get home...

Chlorine Removing Shampoos,Conditioners and Home Remedies - There are many options to protect your hair from chlorine out there. D&H carries UltraSwim shampoo and conditioner, but you can check out a few other suggestions from Health on "How to Keep Chlorine From Wrecking Your Hair, Skin, and Swimsuit" right here.

Stop in and pick up your bag items from D&H Drugstore and get out and enjoy your summer! Packing & prepping will get easier each time. Soon, you won't even have to think about it.