5 Ways to Avoid Multiple Medication Confusion

5 Ways to Avoid Multiple Medication Confusion

Whether you or a loved one have 4 monthly prescriptions or 20, the medication routine can become confusing. From requesting refills from every doctor to filling your pill organizer, it can make a person's head spin. We suggest 5 Ways to Avoid Multiple Medication Confusion:

  • Get all your prescriptions from one pharmacy and avoid splitting.

This will simplify keeping track of what medications you get from what pharmacy. It will also help you develop a relationship with your pharmacist much like you already have with your doctors. They will get to know you and your medications and the pharmacy will know how to contact all of your health care providers about your prescriptions. They will look at potential drug interactions and they will have access to your entire list of medications. For medication safety, it is a good idea.

  • Get involved with a medication synchronization program.

Pharmacies have medication synchronization programs to help people with multiple monthly medications. When you sync up your medications, you are consulted on a monthly basis about any changes to your medication routine or any questions you have, refills are requested for you, and it reduces the number of trips to the pharmacy. Typically, these programs offer a once a month pick up of prescriptions and vaccination services can be coordinated on your pick up day if necessary. Picking up your medications at one time helps you stay on top of taking your medicine. Synchronization also allows you to build a relationship with the pharmacists and technicians at the pharmacy.

  • Consider compliance packaging.

If you are becoming confused about your dosing times and medications, consider having the pharmacy package your medications with appropriate dosing. Doses can be put in blister packs and color coded for the time of day. Many are perforated and detachable so you can take your doses with you for the day or while on vacation.

  • Download or purchase a medication reminder.

On Google Play or iTunes, there are many free apps that can downloaded and set to remind you when to take your medications. You can also purchase a medicine safe with alarm, medicine alarm clock, or watch that can be programmed to sound an alarm to remind you to take your medicine. The best choice is the one that works with your number of medications, number of doses per day, and fits your lifestyle whether you are on the go or staying at home.

  • Work one-on-one with your pharmacy.

If you are confused about your medication routine and want advice, the best answer is to just ask questions. Pharmacists and technicians are available to help and find what works best for your medication plan. It's that personal touch that makes the difference in caring for your health or that of your loved one. Taking the confusion out of your prescriptions and saving time is what pharmacies do best.

D&H Drugstore has a Sync My Meds program to help! Click here for details and call 573-777-7373 (Paris Road) or 573-777-7333 (Broadway) to see if we can help you avoid multiple medication confusion!