Medical Alert Devices


Living independently is the desire of most individuals. There are times, however, when living alone can mean that there’s no one around to assist you during an emergency.


FreedomAlert offers the ability to summon assistance at any time with the simple push of a button. No strangers, no medical personnel; just family, friends and neighbors — those who care most about you.

Personal security has never been so small or so affordable. FreedomAlert is the first product ever to allow you instant 2-way speaker phone communication through your mini wearable pendant to family, friends or neighbors, at any time from anywhere in or around your home.

If your programmed contacts are unreachable, the system can default to contact a 911 emergency operator. Never be out of range of assistance again!


Countless preventable accidents and deaths occur each year that could be prevented by quick access to emergency services. The LogicMark Guardian Alert 911 is an emergency notification system for loved ones and disabled persons, providing instant connection to a 911 operator in the event of an emergency. It contributes to peace of mind for those wanting to lead safer and more independent lives.

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How does Guardian Alert 911 work?
It’s surprisingly simple — simply push the blue button on the wearable pendant and you can speak directly to a 911 operator from anywhere in or around the home. You do not need to use your regular telephone.

No! The Guardian Alert 911 uses your home phone line.
No! Because Guardian Alert 911 is the world’s smallest cordless speakerphone, you can speak directly to an operator instantly, from anywhere in or around the home. This is the only product that allows you to speak from anywhere in your home — not just within 50 feet of a speakerphone. The pendant range is up to 600 feet in a free-space environment! This covers large homes and even short distances outside your home.
Absolutely not! There are no monthly charges, no monitoring fees, no contracts, ever. You purchase the Guardian Alert 911 and it is yours to keep and use forever.
If you are unable to speak, the Guardian Alert 911 can still give the 911 operator your location by utilizing your caller ID information. Because of this “enhanced 911″ system, you can feel even safer that your location is known even if you cannot speak.
Just plug it into your existing phone jack.
Yes! The Guardian Alert 911 is completely legal to use in all 50 states and Canada.
Yes, the Guardian Alert 911 uses an AAA alkaline battery, which is included. The battery life is one year, and it can be tested at any time with a button on the unit.
You can purchase our optional battery back-up unit (product no. 30912), which will provide over 24 hours of back-up protection. It simply plugs between the wall and the base unit.
Yes, the Guardian Alert 911 can be used in the shower, though though we don’t recommend this as a regular practice.
Your Guardian Alert 911 is protected by a one year limited warranty.

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