My D&H Education So Far – Caring for Your Health is What We Do Best

My D&H Education So Far – Caring for Your Health is What We Do Best

In the last year and a half, I have learned a lot about how the pharmacy operates, but I still have so much to learn. Here’s a little synopsis of what I claim to know so far.

D&H was established at our West Broadway location in 1956 and our Paris Road location in 1975. Even though many things have changed over the years, the quality of care remains.

At D&H Drugstore, not only do we fill prescriptions (I will get into the details of that process in a future blog), we also provide home medical equipment and supplies, over the counter medications, gift items, books and stationery, snacks and baby care items. It’s a true one-stop shopping experience! We get to know you and you may notice that you’ll be called by name once you frequent the store.

Our pharmacy is diverse with regards to the health care needs we address. The products and services we provide are suited to every individual and their unique health concerns at any age. It can sometimes be difficult to discern where to go, who to talk to, and what you need in addition to the medications you’ve been prescribed. The answer is to ask questions of our pharmacists, our pharmacy technicians, and our nurses and they will send you in the right direction. They are here to help take the confusion out of the process and provide you with clarity - a true personal service experience.

In the pharmacy, this attention to detail and services occurs from drop off to pick up and every step in between. We make sure that you have everything the doctor ordered, call them with questions if necessary, check to make sure that there are not any interactions with any other medications that you are already taking, and check to make sure you understand how to take your medications properly.


While you’re waiting for your prescription, you can peruse lots of fun gifts and cards, including some wonderful locally made items. Our team of cashiers is awesome at making gift suggestions for that upcoming celebration. I stopped by the Broadway location and had them help me with my Mother’s Day present options and came out with two wrapped gifts, ready to go.

D&H’s HME (Home Medical Equipment) Department is robust. Therapeutic shoes, lift chairs and seat lifts, compression stockings and garments, mobility aides (wheelchairs and transport chairs), ambulatory aids (walkers, canes, and crutches), braces, splints, leg caddies, bathroom safety, and breast pumps and breast feeding accessories. Two RNs can help you understand everything about the equipment you have been prescribed and teach you how to use it.

Our delivery and drive-thru options make it convenient when you’re limited on time, don’t want to get your family out of the car, or feeling under the weather and don’t want to leave home. That friendly face at the drive-thru window or stopping by your home can give you the additional time you need to rest and recover.

Services like the Sync My Meds Program (where your multiple medications are coordinated to be ready on the same day each month), compliance packaging (to help eliminate prescription confusion), and Kids Gummy Vitamin Program (for ages 4-12) are just some of the options we’ve chosen to provide you with more options with no additional costs.

Caring for your health is what we do best – Stop in and see us!

D&H Drugstore – “Good Health is Just Around the Corner”