Convenience – what is it worth?

Convenience – what is it worth?

Daily I think about how to save time and how to do more in my waking hours. Having children and running them from one place to another is just what we do, right? Running through a drive-thru to pick up a meal might happen for us, maybe too often. Busy schedules, busy lives, and definitely not enough hours in the day.

Perhaps, I have it backwards. Maybe I am missing out on the opportunities to take just a few extra minutes of my life and do something kind for someone or stop and have a meaningful conversation.

I have the unique opportunity here at D&H to see how our people take that extra time to care for others in our stores. They explain to people how to use their home medical equipment or how to take and understand their medications. They help people find the perfect gifts for loved ones.

We should slow down when it comes to our health and well-being. We don’t deny having a drive-thru and delivery service here. It is convenient, but not in a fast-food kind of way, like take your order and have it ready in less than five minutes or 20 minutes if delivered to your home. It’s more about staying in your car if you’ve got kids that you don’t want to take out of car seats or if you’re feeling bad and don’t really have the energy to come inside or get away from home. You can drop off your prescription, have it called in or sent over electronically and return later to pick it up or even have it delivered to your home or office.

But don’t forget – there are dedicated people inside that can answer all of your questions. When you’re feeling a bit better or have a moment without children, come inside and ask questions or at least give them a call. You’ll find that we have pharmacists, technicians, nurses and cashiers who want to help you. They are accessible and that’s the difference that local makes. Face to face service still exists here – we’re always ready and willing to help. Take a moment to get to know your friendly D&H team. We’d love to help you!