Busy Week and Thank you!

Busy Week and Thank you!

I don’t know about you, but this past week has been a whirlwind.

Last week, we joined Our Lady of Lourdes Interparish School at their 1st Communion Picnic at the Cosmo Burford Shelter. We had 3 classes full of 2nd graders and their families ready to experience the new playground, get their faces painted, blow bubbles, try out the sidewalk chalk, throw frisbees, participate in a water balloon toss, and consume 100 cupcakes. It was an overall success!

This week we worked on organizing our home medical equipment training and promotions, got together our ideas for the Hello Baby Expo, and started planning our Sidewalk Sale at our Broadway location. In addition, we launched a new service called Harmonyx. Harmonyx is genetic testing for patients on ADHD medications, Statins, Antiplatelets, or Pain medications. It is a buccal (that’s inside the cheek) swab that we do in the drugstore and send off for testing. It allows for the physician, pharmacist and patient to consult on the right medicine for the individual based on their genotype. Follow this link for additional information: http://www.dhdrugstore.com/products-service/harmonyx-genetic-testing/

It’s finally the weekend – a four day one for those of us in the office, but many of our team will be working this weekend. We are open our normal business hours, plus 8 – 4 on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th. They will be here just in case you run out of a prescription, have something unexpected, or need to pick up something on the way out of town to celebrate. What amazed me when I first started working here is that there are only 2 days in the whole year that we are actually closed. Those are Thanksgiving and Christmas. Pretty cool for a local independent pharmacy right?

So, enjoy your time with family and friends this weekend, but don’t forget that we’re just around the corner if you need us, right where we’ve been for the last 59 and 40 years. You can always just stop in and say hello and grab some snacks for the road.

As always, thanks for all you do to support us! Continue to Love local and shop small. You’ll be glad you did. The difference is in the service.