Cloth Diapers & Accessories

Why Choose Cloth?

Today’s cloth diapers are easy to use, economical, and very cute!

Here are some reasons to use cloth on your baby:

  • They are environmentally friendly. One disposable diaper can take hundreds of years to decompose, thus filling up landfills. Cloth diapers are reusable, so they do not add to landfill waste!
  • Although cloth diapers initially present a higher up-front cost than disposables, they are a MUCH cheaper way to diaper your baby in the long run. This especially holds true if you use them for more than one baby!
  • No late-night runs to the store for diapers. You’ll never run out of cloth.
  • They are absolutely adorable on your baby (many cute colors and patterns).

The Essentials

  • Cloth wipes: Like cloth diapers, these provide a more economical and environmentally friendly way to clean your baby.
  • Bottom Cleaner: A pump-spray bottom cleaner to use on the go with cloth wipes. Gentle on the skin.
  • Extra inserts: These can be added to pocket diapers when extra absorbency is needed. Many types of inserts are available including microfiber (absorbent and keeps your baby dry) and hemp (even more absorbent than microfiber, but they don’t wick moisture away from your baby quite as well as microfiber).
  • Doublers: Fabric to lay in cloth diapers for more absorbency
  • Bio-degradable diaper liners: Thin, tissue-like liners used in diapers to make clean up a little easier. Simply put a liner in a diaper and place your baby in the diaper. If the diaper becomes soiled with solids, simply remove the biodegradable liner and flush it with the solids.
  • Wet Bag: This is an essential for travel to store wet cloth diapers and clothing.
  • Diaper pail: A large kitchen-sized trashcan will work just fine as a diaper pail.
  • Diaper pail liner (cloth): This liner will go right into the washing machine with your diapers when you do a load of diaper laundry.
  • Diaper detergent: Traditional detergents can lead to build-up on your diapers which significantly decreases the absorbency of the diaper (instead of absorbing liquid, the diaper will actually repel liquid). Diaper detergent is specially made to help to prevent said build-up. *Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s recommended washing routine to ensure optimal performance from your diapers.
  • Diaper pins/Snappis: Used to fasten pre-fold diapers