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1814 Paris Road

Columbia, MO 65201

Phone: (573) 777-7373

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D&H Drugstore

1001 West Broadway

Columbia, MO 65203

Phone: (573) 777-7333

Fax: (573) 777-7334

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Saturday: 8 AM – 4 PM

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Darran and Tanya Alberty

D&H Drugstore was founded in 1956 by two pharmacists seeking to serve the Columbia community. They used the first initials of their last names, Decannier and Hoium, to remodel an old convenience store on West Broadway and create the first D&H Drugstore location. In 1975, D&H Drugstore expanded with a second location on Paris Road. Today, D&H Drugstore remains a locally owned, independent pharmacy under the care and leadership of Darran and Tanya Alberty.


Darran and Tanya both graduated from St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 1997 with Bachelor’s Degrees in Pharmacy. Darran went on to earn his Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 1998. The two were married and settled in Columbia shortly thereafter.


Darran is a second generation pharmacist and owner of D&H Drugstore. His father, Blaine Alberty, was a pharmacist and owner from 1975 to 2016. Darran worked throughout high school as a delivery driver and cashier. During pharmacy school, Darran knew he wanted to go back to Columbia after graduation to carry on the family tradition of serving Columbia and he did just that. Darran became a junior partner at D&H Drugstore shortly after graduation and took over in 2017. 

Tanya also grew up with a pharmacist in the family. Her aunt and mentor, Kim Lindwedel, encouraged Tanya to explore pharmacy. During pharmacy school and upon graduation, Tanya worked in hospital inpatient pharmacies, interacting and collaborating more with nurses and physicians than patients. However, in 2004, Tanya joined the D&H Drugstore team and became passionate about educating and serving the patients more directly. 


Both Darran and Tanya feel strongly that independent pharmacy, and specifically D&H Drugstore, makes a difference in the lives of their patients. Together with their incredible team, they strive to do just that.


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